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Do you know anyone who doesn’t like ice creams? We don’t think so… With our ice cream bike you may reach your customers without opening an ice-cream shop.
A park, a beach, a festival, an event etc. are perfect circumstances for an ice cream bike. Classic look, a boat-shaped box, and a simple, but elegant roof make the bike unique and spectacular. Our mobile power system guarantees a possibility of working all day without necessity of connection to an electrical network.
Our ice cream bike may be equipped with 7 pozzetti, 7 liters each, so you may sell about 420 portions, two balls of ice cream each, from one loading. A built-in fan together with increased cooling capacity guarantee a constant temperature. Ice cream bike is equipped with a sink in which you can wash your hands as well as scoops.
At the back part of a bike, we designed a voluminous box in which you can storage ice cream waffles or ice cream cups for the whole workday.

Visualization is illustrative. The price does not include fruit boxes.

Sales possibilities
Ice cream
Power supply

Box (mm): 1800x800x570 h
Bike (mm): 3000x1020x2100 h
Height (with a folded roof) (mm): 3120
Total (mm): 1700 h

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Features of ice cream bike

Strong 21" wheels
We designed strong wheels with a diameter of 60 cm which make moving around a city facile and comfortable.
Ice cream display for 7 pozzetti
A built-in freezing device with 7 pozzetti, 7 liters each, and retro style lids. Inside a display, there is a fan (12V). Temperature control between +12C and -21C. Due to the construction of a bike, there is no additional storage under the upper pozzetti.
Firm bike frame painted at any color
The double tube frame ensures stable driving as well as solidity of the whole construction. It’s screwed to the front part of a bike so it can be disassemble easily during servicing or shipping. While placing an order, it is possible to choose a color of the bike frame (RAL color chart).
Huge pushing handle
A huge pushing handle not only looks good but also facilitates riding on a bike. The handle is made of a round stainless steel profile and it will survive even the farthest trips.
Turning radius: 4 m
A turning radius was optimized so a bike can easily cross the streets. Turning limiters are responsible for safety and guarantee stability of a bike.
Hydraulic brakes with an option of parking brake
The strongest brakes available on the market guarantee safe driving. A parking brake facilitates placing a bike while working.
Stainless steel box
To make your bike unique, we may paint it with any color (RAL color chart). Moreover, you can choose a different color for a box and for a frame - it will be more interesting!
Waterproof fabric roof
A roof is made of waterproof Cordura fabric. It is strong and resistant to mechanical damage. In order to wash the fabric, you can easily take it off from a frame. You can choose the color of the material, and moreover we can put your company logo on it.
Electrical installation
In our bike, we use reliable mobile power technology which consist of gel batteries, a charger, an a converter. Changing is extremely easy - all you need to do this is to connect the installation to a plug using typical 230 V cable; it last about 6 hours. The installation includes a display on which you can check the battery level.
Unique design
We guarantee that a boat-shaped box will attract customers. Laser cutting and perfect details makes your bike outstanding.
Stainless steel top
To increase the quality, and to improve cleanliness of work, we designed a stainless steel top which is easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage.
To facilitate defrosting of a display, we designed a special drain which is located in a bottom part of bike. You just need to turn a display off to defrost the ice which will go out through a drain.
Built-in sink
A bike includes a built-in sink in which you may wash hands, or some accessories. It is connected with water containers which you can refill and clean easily. A dirty water containers can be cleared out by a valve located under a bike.
Master key
You can open all the cabinets using one master key. If the key is lost, we will provide you with a new set of keys.
Easy to refill water container
A clean water container with a capacity of 20l as equipped with a water infusion, Inside a container we used special division which guarantees that water won't spill out during moving. Moreover, you can easily remove water containers in order to clean them.
Optional box carrier
To increase storage space, you may add a box carrier to your bike. A folding cabinet with a dimension of 600x400x400h may easily hold useful items. You can choose a color a box.

Ice cream bike

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The most popular ice cream device in Europe. Excellent performance and reliable work.
Our bike has obtained an approval from the biggest ice cream producers.
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