Become a distributor.

If you are interested in partnering up with a market leader in this space and have a network and sales plan to expand and distribute our award winning bikes in your region, then we would like to hear from you!

Who are we looking for
People and companies interested in regional distribution of our products in the countries in which they operate.
We are only interested in long-term cooperation with entities for which our bikes will be an important product in their portfolio.
What counts more than the size of company is the commitment, passion and strategy of the individual or company for our bikes, and that their goals aligns with ours.

What can we do for you
We will provide the highest quality bikes and product, which is gaining huge traction among both small entrepreneurs and large corporations globally.
You will also receive product training, clear price list, a full range of sales support documents and advertising materials.

How can we cooperate is part of JG Gastro. We offer a full range of solutions dedicated to mobile gastronomy, such as bicycles, carts, sales stands, trailers, containers and more. You can distribute all the products, or if you prefer only those you feel will suit your region best.
You can find the full offer of mobile gastronomy here

Our company has extensive experience in the design and production of non-standard elements combining many materials. If you have a project and are looking for a contractor with whom could implement it for you – write to us. This is area where we have excelled in recent years and partnered up with many esteemed Corporations with amazing results.

Interested? Write.
To be considered, we will need to know a little more about you.
-About your company. What is it called, what sector it operates in, what it does. Send what you consider important for future cooperation
-About yourself. What are you doing so far and now. What made our product attractive to you
-In what area you see the cooperation (fill offer / selected products / your own product)
-What area (in which country) you want to work-How do you see the cooperation (will our product be an additional to your offer or would you like to become a “satellite” of JG Gastro)

Send your message to

Please note that sending the message will not result in receiving commercial conditions.
We will invite selected entrepreneurs to cooperate after our own due diligence.